the 126th Annual
Washington's Birthday Match & Clinic
Sponsored by the
Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association
Ben Avery Shooting Facility: Was held on 17-18-Feb-2018

WBM 2018
I will post results as soon as I get a soft copy

Match winning Team: PRGC BoomSticks
Top Shooter: Kade J (a junior of team Scorpions 53)
Top Junior: Jacob B (of team scorpions 55)
Top Woman: McKenna B
(a junior of team Scorpions 54)

Winning Raffle ticket: 2484039, Craig B of MO
153 shooters: I counted 128 AR-15 type rifles, 9 M1 Garands, 8 M1As, two K31s, one each 1903, 03A3, AUG, Dragunov, HK53, and some other HK.
biggest screw up: The match director, (Bill Poole, me) designed a score card with 9 places to record the score of a 10-shot string!
Worst violation: 26 cars in the No Parking area, 25 drivers finally heard the announcements and moved them, one didn't:

This match is brought to you every year by the Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association ASRPA
it's YOUR state assocation, please join!


I added some notes for new shooters below

 Washington's Birthday Rifle Match at Ben Avery

The 126 year old Washington's Birthday Rifle Match is both the unofficial Arizona State Reduced Course High Power Championships, attracting the top shooters in the state vying to shoot a good score on the very challenging reduced 200yd targets, as well as being the OFFICIAL most fun, beginner-friendly high power shoot in Arizona every year!

Since this is a team format, it is very beginner-friendly, one person can coach another as the 4 shooters fire one at a time. You can share equipment if you need to. 200 yd is not that hard when the target is mounted on a 6' sheet of cardboard and marked after each shot! You can use pretty much any military style or military surplus rifle you have! And there is a beginner's class on Saturday.

This event is also a big party! After opening ceremonies we start shooting. Then we take a long break after the first two relays of shooters for lunch which you can order from the junior team supporters grilling burgers! then the last 2 relays, there is a swap meet all day and we have an awards ceremony and finally a raffle for a great rifle!

The weekend includes:
•    Morning Beginner’s Clinic & Afternoon Practice for beginner or experienced shooters Saturday & Lunch available.
•    Saturday morning practice
•    Briefing & Announcements Sunday morning.
•    4-relay, 50-shot Main Match Sunday with Lunch & T-shirt Available.
•    Shooter’s Swap meet & Displays all day Sunday
•    The annual fund-raising raffle for an M1 Rifle and other prizes

The Washington’s Birthday Match is held on Sunday at Ben Avery’s High Power Range, 200 yd line. This is the 126th year!  Saturday the day before the match, February 17, experienced High Power coaches and shooters are conducting a “Beginners Clinic” in the activities center followed by some practice time on the range.

Supporters of the Arizona State Junior Rifle Team are cooking hamburgers for lunch both days!!! You can pre-pay for your lunch with your entry!  The profit goes right into sending the team to Camp Perry! We expect to have commemorative T-shirts again this year! $25. You must order your shirt online in advance! (Shirt Deadline:  9-Feb-18)

Other match day events:

Morning Briefing & announcements.

Swap meet! Bring your spare equipment, older shooting gear; reloading supplies you don’t need anymore, whatever… bring a table or some money, we are holding a shooter’s swap meet in a designated area behind the line. (To allow room for food, spectators and swap meet, shooters should plan on parking at the 300 yd line).

Come out and shoot with us! Get a group of friends, co-workers, or hunting buddies together! Wear a team uniform! Wear a classic side-arm (empty chamber)! Maybe try something fun like have the whole team all shoot the same type of antique or unusual military rifle, even dress the team in surplus uniforms appropriate to your exotic rifles!
Below is the match program and entry info. Also below is info on the fund raising raffle to send the State Junior Team to the National Championships and information on Arizona High Power shooting schedules. Check the & websites for updates! Tell your friends! Post this bulletin where other shooters will see it!

See you on February 17 & 18!   Bill Poole  - Match Director
Email the match director:  

Squadding for Sunday!
it changed a bit with morning sign up, not listed.
24 Y - empty point - flag        
25 Y - empty point - flag        
26 Y - empty point - flag        
27 unassigned point        
28 Hot Shots Hupper Razo Robinson Suaras
29 North Shots Jenson Kurot Gilbert TBA
30 Old Shots Gilbert Hooten Kurot Weatherford
31 Phoenix Shots Hooten Hooten Jensen Kuehl
32 Pot Shots Allison Allison Knox Young
33 Sling Shots Aden Gerhig Simmons Vincentg
34 unassigned point        
35 Desert Sharpshooters Fadeley Fadeley Fadeley TBD TBD
36 Tucson Rifle Club/Black Denovchek Fuller Schneider Wood
37 TRC Guapos Fimbres Rico Rigga Smith
38 TRC Copper Ahrendt McKinney Owin Van Asdall
39 Team Northsstar Mitchell Mumaw Nelson Paddison
40 Rogue One McIntyre McIntyre Olsen Warner
41 D.A.D.S. Cameron Dudziak Taylor Wilkinson
42 Horskey's Hooligans Ekas Horskey Horskey Snow
43 Northern AZ Shooting Range Alwes Decker Talbott TBD
44 Roger's Dodgers Clark Foster Ksenzulak Rivera
45 Fox Hound Nez Nez Nez Nez
46 unassigned point        
47 ASRPA Vice President's Team DeSomma Hathaway McCoy Wollum
48 ASRPA President's Team Delarosa Joyner Walliser Walliser
49 Y - empty point - flag        
50 Y - empty point - flag        
51 Y - empty point - flag        
52 Clinic Crew Burian Gonzoles Gorin Swartwood
53 Scorpions 53 TBA TBA TBA TBA
54 Scorpions 54 TBA TBA TBA TBA
55 Scorpions 55 TBA TBA TBA TBA
56 PRGC Broomsticks Collins Mikesell Muraoka O'Hara
57 PRGC Coyotes Geyer Lukens Oyster Traxler
58 Forman's Fusiliers Forman Garcia Merrill Hook
59 3 Men and a Lady Eric Nick Franco Pasco
60 Whiskey Rebels Bushnell Dubaj Haunschild Rodriguez
61 TAPPGNWSJ Castaneda Li Miller Norman
62 Aunt Mimi's 3 Musketeers Poole Poole Poole Poole
63 Ladies of AZWSA Arnold Campagna Morris Ruh
64 Mustang Ranch Hands Deneke Morris Osborn Warner
65 Team A&M Byjoe Johnson Nez Secratero
66 X - pickup 1 Busby Koon Piattelli-Palmarini Vogel
67 X - pickup 2 Apostol II Geyer Hayden Miller
68 X - pickup 3 Ault Craig Phetteplace Soock
69 X - pickup 4 McLean Shafer Speer  
70 X - pickup 5 Avooske Huffaker McBride  
71 X - pickup 6 Sodaro Sanford Strange  
72 unassigned point        
73 unassigned point        
74 Y - empty point - flag        
75 Y - empty point - flag        
76 Y - empty point - flag        

subject to change




Sunday 18-Feb-2018 (with Beginner’s Clinic on Saturday 17-Feb)

7:30AM start squadding, 8:30AM ceremony, First shot, 9AM. (tentative, we may change it to earlier) Competitors should arrive an hour early and plan to stay all day.


Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association – Junior High Power Rifle Team


Bill Poole (Match Dir.) 602-405-0717, 


Ben Avery Shooting Facility, NW corner I-17 & Carefree Hwy, Phoenix, AZ, High Power Range, 200yd line. Enter main entrance, continue past main range, around the berm to High Power Range, park in 300 yd parking lot.


Modified NRA High Power Rifle Rules, see below.


All safe shooters with priority to Arizona residents.


Enter online at  Look for "Upcoming Events" on the left column.


$120 per team of 4, $35 per individual. Individual entries will be squadded as random teams. Beginners’ clinic: $40. Lunch: $10. Pre-ordered T-shirt: $25. Special "President's Package" with entry, lunch and shirts, $260. See signup site for other options. 


16-Feb-18 mid-afternoon. If space is available, late entries accepted on the line with an additional $5 late fee per shooter. No refunds after 16-Feb-2018.


75 teams of 4 shooters.


Opening Ceremony & safety announcement at 8:30AM. First shots at 9AM. (try to be there by 7:30 for squadding)


NRA Classification System will not be used. (To be defined as a junior team, all four shooters must be juniors).


TEAM AWARDS: Plaques to Winning team (all teams eligible). Top junior team (teams of  4 juniors only)

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: Plaques to High Individual Overall (this individual will not be also eligible for special category awards). High Competitor in each special category: Woman, Junior, Police/Military, Senior. (Individuals may select exactly one of these special award categories only during online entry and only if they qualify). Lesser awards, if any, to be announced.


50-shot National Match Course in a 4-man team match, all fired at 200 yards. 3 sighter shots any position, followed by 10 shots offhand, 10 shots rapid fire sitting on the SR target. 10 shots rapid prone on the SR42 and 20 shots prone slow fire on the MR-52 target. Block time for 2 shooters in each slow fire stage morning, break for lunch, repeated in the afternoon for the other 2 team shooters.

No alibis.

Rifles to be pointed at the impact area when loading, closing the bolt, when loaded and firing.

In rapid fire stages all competitors will start in position. Rifles with detachable magazines will use the NRA loading procedure (magazine on the ground, load when targets appear). Rifles without a detachable magazine will load on command 2 rounds with the bolt closed on an empty chamber (semi-auto) or 5 rounds with the bolt open (bolt action).

Except as noted below, shooters may use a NRA/CMP Service Rifle or any military, military-surplus or military-style rifle in as-issued condition, or as approved by match director. 8mm maximum caliber. Optical sights are permitted on modern semi-auto rifles.

Special note for Shooters classified as SS, EX, MA or HM in any NRA rifle discipline or Distinguished Riflemen: In order to be eligible for individual awards shooter must use a Service Rifle in compliance with NRA rule 3.1 or CMP rule 6.1 (These rules permit optical sights conforming to a defined set of rules) or they may use "As-issued" rifles per CMP Games rule 4.1. In order for a team to be eligible for team awards all classified/distinguished team members must be in compliance with this paragraph.

No tracer or incendiary ammo permitted.

Each team will provide a target puller and score keeper (can be a shooter from the alternate relay).


Sunday events include opening ceremony, swap meet, lunch break, awards ceremony and raffle. Competitors are expected to participate.


Saturday will include a beginner’s clinic at Ben Avery (classroom on the DPS range, just west of High Power) at 8AM for half day of classroom (leave your gear in the truck) followed by shooting (bring 35 rounds of ammo) in the afternoon. Shooting practice is available Saturday afternoon for those who do not attend the class also.


Some notes for those new to competition:

Stuff you will need:
  • Eye and ear protection (shooters and spectators close to the line need protection)
  • a pen to keep score
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket (material that is not slippery)
  • a mat or carpet to lie on prone (material that is not slippery or bouncy, carpet is great)
  • A military style or military surplus rifle. 8mm or smaller. Know your 200yd sight setting.
  • 2 magazines or "clips" (AR, M1A etc 2 mags, Garand, Mauser, 1903 etc 2 clips. Bring 4 or 5). Rapid fire is fired as a string of 10 with a reload. Bring your magazines unloaded, AR, M1 and Garand shoot 2, then reload with 8. 1903, Mauser etc 5 and 5.) (in slow fire we load one shot at a time, its a pain if your rifle doesn't hold up like and AK).
  • A sling to support shooting in sitting and prone position. (those tacticool AR slings usually don't work, a Garand sling is great!)
  • 53 rounds of ammo (no tracer/incendiary etc)
  • A spotting scope or binocs to see you target between shots (bullet hole is marked with a 2" disk, even small binocs can see it).
  • Maybe a stool to rest the unloaded rifle on between standing slow fire shots and to sit on when you get scoring or coaching duty.
  • clip board for when you get scorekeeper duty
  • team coach should have his own scope, clip boad and stop watch.
  • There is a description of this type of shooting at but Washington's Birthday is all at 200 yds.
  • The saturday beginner clinic is really helpful! Attend if you can!
  • Camera, so your team members can take your picture winning the trophy... maybe...

Some comments about the course of fire

  • Each stage will have a couple minutes to get into place, then a 3 minute preparation period. You can take the safety flag out and dry fire during prep. Never load a live round  until the stage begins and the "load" command is given.
  • The first stage is the Standing stage, but it is preceded by 3 sighter shots for each shooter. If you are an experienced shooter, you will choose your own position. If you are new, I suggest you bring some sandbags as a rest, lay down prone and rest the rifle and very carefully fire each sighter (the target will be marked with a disk for each shot) and adjust your sights so you are centered on the target (bring bino's or spotting scope to see your marking disk!). After you fire the 3 sighters, immediately hop up and go into your standing shots. You have 10 of them. Standing is much more wobbly! and you don't use a sling! Your team has a "block time" (total of 1 minute per shot) for the two shooters, you can either shoot one shooter all the way thru, or stand side by side and alternate shot by shot (shooter on the right goes first!). Don't load till its your turn to shoot (you load 1 at a time in slow fire), don't shoot till the previous shot is marked. Don't waste time. 1 minute per shot seems like a lot of time, but with target marking and getting into standing after those sighters you might run out of time! You can use a stool to rest the unloaded rifle on between shots, but never rest a loaded rifle on the stool!. If you stand with an erect posture and your arm tight to your side you may find it more steady. See this picture:
  • Immediately after standing, you will transition to the sitting stage. You can use the sling in sitting. You will need 2 magazines, one loaded with 2 the other with 8. (or clips of 5 and 5 if you are using a milsurp bolt action. Rest your elbows on your knees for stability. Have the magazine of 8 on the ground where you can reach it for the reload. After the dry-fire preparation period, upon the "load!" command, close the bolt of your AR and load that magazine with 2 rounds, or load the 2 rounds in your Garand and carefully push the round down a bit and slide the bolt closed on an empty chamber. If you're shooting a milsurp bolt, keep the bolt open and load your first 5. After the "all ready on the firing line!" command the targets will come up. Cycle or close the bolt and fire carefully aimed shots. Your coach (who can watch the target in the spotting scope) might tell you to make some correction when you reload. Shoot carefully aimed shots. The target will go down when the time expires. If you didn't fire all your shots, don't worry about it. If you are a score keeper in rapid, your job is to watch the shooter and count the shots! First shooter will shoot his string, then it will be scored and the 2nd shooter comes into position for his string. See this photo:
  • Then we do the exact same thing again in prone position! Use the sling. See this photo:  
  • Then for slow fire prone, you load, shoot and the target it marked one shot at a time just like in standing slow fire, but you get to shoot from the steady prone position. You can see why we recommend a mat or carpet to lie on and long sleeves. Another photo: 
  • Targets are provided along with the stuff to mark them. It will all be obvious when you work targets.

notes to pullers

if you have not pulled before, you are welcome to come saturday afternoon, you can learn about pulling targets.

Cactus will be on the far left side of the firing line, so park in the 300yd parking lot off to that side. meet up with your team on the firing line and stay there for the opening ceremony (8AM) and announcements. We will announce when to go to the pits, no one should be in the pits prior to that announcement.

you will be there all morning, you can come out for lunch, but will be back in for the afternoon relays. you are welcome to attend the awards ceremony and buy tickets for the rifle raffle. Likely everything will be complete by 5 or 6.

In the pits, you will need eye & ear protection and water and any snacks you want. refrain from using electronic devices or reading or sleeping during firing periods. Pulling is pretty straightforward, but you do have to pay attention for it to go smoothly for your shooters.

Thanks for your service to your team!

Volunteers always welcome!

Parking & Traffic Routing:
In order to have enough room for moving gear around, eating lunch, making announcements and giving out awards, etc,
we have a traffic routing plan for sunday:
Shooters can drive around the FRONT of 200 yd line and unload gear then drive to 300 yd to park.
Volunteers and handicapped and some VIPs will park on the sides of the stat/burger area. Cactus Match League has their special place at the end of the line like usual. These groups will have parking passes. Any other vehicle will be towed to 1000 yds and left there.

WBM parking

WBM parking


Arizona Junior Highpower Rifle Team
The Arizona Junior Highpower Rifle Team is sponsored by the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association and local clubs. The team is open to Arizona youth between the ages of 14 and 20. Team members shoot local matches during the season (Sept - May), practice like crazy June & July, and participate at the National Championship Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in August.  Most equipment including AR-15 rifles, ammunition components and match fees, are provided to team members free of charge.  The Washington’s Birthday Match is a big fund-raiser for the team!  If you know a teenager who is motivated, well-behaved and who would like to join the team, have him or her see the team and their coaches at the match!   

The ASRPA does legislative work, education, training, match sponsorship, Ben Avery partnering and publishes a great little e-newsletter about competition, ranges, shooting and legislation specifically in Arizona. Find out what matches are shot where, what Arizonan is winning championships, read articles about matches, events and shooters in YOUR state! Only $20/yr ($5 juniors). Join NRA, ASRPA, USA Shooting and your local club!

ASRPA Fund-Raising Raffle
an M1 Rifle will be raffled as a fund raiser.
Raffle Rifle Winner will complete a 4473 & NICS Check or CCW.
Proceeds fund the Arizona State Junior Rifle Team to the
National Championships at Camp Perry, OH.
rifle winner
2014 Rifle Raffle Winner

raffle winner
2017 Raffle Winner

2018 raffle rifle
the 2018 Raffle rifle

raffle rifle
Prior year rifle
Check out the website for info on competition shooting in AZ!

washington's birthday prior year
It did NOT rain in 2018 like it did in 2017
washington's birthday prior year
washington's birthday prior year
some pictures from prior years

fees and details subject to change

Bill Poole  - 

Washington's Birthday Match Director

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