Hosted by the Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club

Results for 2011!

Team Scores

Target Number  Team Name Team Score
68 TRC Master Blasters 1150-13X
76 Accuracy Speaks 1126-25X
83 ASRPA Junior team 1 1108-16X
69 Tucson Rifle Club Black 1094-17X
89 185th NY Volunteers 1070-16X
84 ASRPA Junior team 2 1060-7X
78 RIO Underdawgs 1014-6X
85 Hoover Team 1002-9X
82 Clinic Crew 996-14X
95 Joes Jokers 988-8X
88 MRPC Gold 983-8X
86 Team Redman 950-3X
99 AZ Appleseed Project #1 920-9X
65 161st ARW #2 905-2X
63 AZ Army Nat'l Guard 2 899-9X
98 Buckeye Sportsman's Club 893-9X
64 161st ARW #1 863-6X
73 Go Army Hoorah 856-7X
51 AZS #1 821-6X
81 Flagstaff Shooting Association 803-6X
96 AWSA 778-7X
54 Pickup Team 1 741-9X
67 M1 for Vets 725-5X
62 AZ Army Nat'l Guard 1 633-2X
55 Pathfinders 606-9X
97 Delta Motorsports 598-5X
48 Grunt Airborne 532-4X
80 FSA #2 480-2X
60 Ogren's Ogres III 445-0X
90 Microchip Rookies 392-0X
50 Tucson Orange 172-0X
57 Double K 151-0X
41 CCML  - Pot Shots 135-0X
44 CCML - Pirates of the Carbine 74-3X
43 CCML - One Shot Blunders 73-0X
45 CCML - Hot shots 24-0X

Individual scores
Team Name Shooter Score
Hoover Team Mike H 291-6X
TRC Master Blasters Ike S 290-5X
TRC Master Blasters Bob P 288-9X
185th NY Volunteers Chuck F 288-8X
TRC Master Blasters Andy S 288-5X
Clinic Crew Jes A 286-8X
ASRPA Junior team 1 Travis B 285-6X
ASRPA Junior team 2 Evan K 284-4X
TRC Master Blasters Cecil R 284-3X
Accuracy Speaks Phil H 283-12X
Accuracy Speaks Wayne U 283-7X
Accuracy Speaks Tom A 281-1X
Flagstaff Shooting Association Scotty B 280-3X
Grunt Airborne Dean F 280-2X
Tucson Rifle Club Black Jeffrey S 279-5X
Accuracy Speaks Jim E 279-5X
ASRPA Junior team 1 Donnie S 279-5X
161st ARW #1 Scott E 276-4X
AWSA Katie P 275-5X
Tucson Rifle Club Black Peter W 274-4X
Tucson Rifle Club Black Kim W 273-6X
ASRPA Junior team 1 Tanner F 273-3X
185th NY Volunteers Phil M 273-3X
RIO Underdawgs Forrest S 271-2X
ASRPA Junior team 1 Chace F 271-2X
Go Army Hoorah Sabrina G 270-3X
Pickup Team 1 Jeffrey M 268-7X
Tucson Rifle Club Black Ron M 268-2X
ASRPA Junior team 2 Joseph K 268-1X
185th NY Volunteers Reg P 267-4X
M1 for Vets Joseph T 267-3X
Joes Jokers Dave O 267-3X
Hoover Team John B 263-2X
Joes Jokers Stacey M 262-4X
AZS #1 Rich M 262-3X
Clinic Crew Shawn M 262-2X
Flagstaff Shooting Association Sam S 262-0X
Flagstaff Shooting Association Stephen S 261-3X
Clinic Crew Myles G 259-4X
AZ Appleseed Project #1 John M 257-5X
ASRPA Junior team 2 Jaden S 256-1X
Joes Jokers Neil O 255-4X
MRPC Gold Brett S 255-3X
AZS #1 David K 255-1X
RIO Underdawgs Ron F 255-1X
Team Redman Randall N 254-1X
161st ARW #2 John W 253-1X
Team Redman Lawrence N 253-1X
Grunt Airborne Greg G 252-2X
ASRPA Junior team 2 Bobby F 252-1X
MRPC Gold Ed R 252-1X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 2 Marc M 250-2X
Pathfinders Rick O 248-8X
FSA #2 John S 248-1X
Go Army Hoorah Josh S 247-3X
RIO Underdawgs Rob H 247-3X
MRPC Gold Jack G 247-2X
Delta Motorsports Bob M 246-3X
Microchip Rookies Billy G 245-0X
Hoover Team Liana B 243-6X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 2 John P 243-4X
Team Redman Tyson T 243-1X
161st ARW #2 Chris B 242-2X
185th NY Volunteers Bill W 242-1X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 2 Emanuel R 241-2X
161st ARW #2 George G 241-0X
RIO Underdawgs Mike F 241-0X
Buckeye Sportsman's Club Rod C 239-4X
Pickup Team 1 John S 239-1X
AWSA Don P 238-0X
Pickup Team 1 Steve S 234-1X
AZ Appleseed Project #1 Mike D 234-1X
FSA #2 Dave S 232-1X
Buckeye Sportsman's Club Ryan S 230-4X
161st ARW #1 Stephan P 230-1X
MRPC Gold Gregg S 229-2X
AZS #1 Rick M 228-2X
AZ Appleseed Project #1 Frank A 225-1X
Ogren's Ogres III Mike M 222-0X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 1 Brad K 222-0X
Buckeye Sportsman's Club Jarod H 217-0X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 1 Richard R 216-1X
AWSA Peter M 210-2X
Buckeye Sportsman's Club Paul L 207-1X
Hoover Team Grant B 205-1X
AZ Appleseed Project #1 K C 204-2X
Joes Jokers Craig D 204-0X
Pathfinders Dave A 203-0X
Team Redman Alexander N 200-0X
161st ARW #1 Kelly D 197-1X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 1 Beau M 195-1X
Go Army Hoorah John W 194-1X
Delta Motorsports Jim M 193-2X
Clinic Crew Natalie O 189-0X
Tucson Orange Wes C 172-0X
161st ARW #2 Bryan A 169-0X
AZ Army Nat'l Guard 2 Tom W 165-1X
161st ARW #1 James B 160-0X
M1 for Vets Chase G 157-2X
Pathfinders Dan O 155-1X
M1 for Vets Kevin W 155-0X
Microchip Rookies Paul B 147-0X
M1 for Vets Marshal W 146-0X
Go Army Hoorah Mike W 145-0X
Ogren's Ogres III David M 116-X
Double K Kenneth D 87-0X
Ogren's Ogres III Brandon S 82-0X
Delta Motorsports Robert B 80-0X
Delta Motorsports Dan R 79-0X
AZS #1 Tabathia M 76-0X
CCML - Pirates of the Carbine Mike C 74-3X
CCML  - Pot Shots Tony O 70-0X
CCML  - Pot Shots Brad L 65-0X
Double K Kent A 64-0X
CCML - One Shot Blunders David C 61-0X
AWSA Debbie A 55-0X
Ogren's Ogres III Venus S 25-0X
CCML - Hot shots John H 24-0X
CCML - One Shot Blunders Kristen C 12-0X

NOTE: There was rain in the morning and a number of shooters, even full teams were "no shows" or left after the first half of the match. Some did not turn in score cards for those who did shoot. The results above reflect only score cards turned in.