the 125th Annual
Washington's Birthday Match & Clinic
Sponsored by the
Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association
Was held at
: 18-19-Feb-2017

2017 was WET!
raffle winner
2017 Raffle Winner

Poole team
Team "Poole, Gen 3"

Individual Results:
Place Shooter Team Name  Score
1st Bronson S Middle Mesa Shooters 294-9X
2nd Jeff M PRGC Cupcakes 294-7X
3rd Chase F Desert Sharpshooter 290-7X
High MP/4th Jeffrey S TRC Red 289-6X
5th Ike S TRC Gold 288-8X
6th Wally T TRC Gold 287-3X
  Steve C PRGC Cupcakes 286-5X
  Mike D PRGC Cupcakes 286-5X
High Jr Donny S Justice 286-2X
  William O PRGC Snowflakes  285-8X
  Raphael F TRC Gold 285-1X
  Jim D TRC Copper  284-6X
  Tim T PRGC Snowflakes  284-2X
  Zachery C Liberty 283-4X
  Dean  F Desert Sharpshooter 282-5X
  Lee M TRC Copper  281-4X
  Don T TRC Copper  280-1X
High Woman Madison R Liberty 280-5X
  Sarah N Liberty 279-8X
  Ron F The Undertakers 279-7X
  Mark M PRGC Cupcakes 279-4X
  Tanner F Desert Sharpshooter 279-0X
  Myles G Clinic Crew 277-5X
  Jared W Justice 277-3X
  Travis B Clinic Crew 276-5X
  David F PRGC Snowflakes  274-3X
  Mike S CCML2 274-0X
  Sammel N Foxhounds SOG 273-5X
  Stephen S Middle Mesa Shooters 273-5X
  Craig B Bad Burritos 273-2X
  Brennan K Justice 273-2X
  Bill H TRC Copper  272-6X
  Kade J Liberty 272-5X
  Randall N Foxhounds SOG 272-3X
  Mike M Bad Burritos 271-2X
  Reg P AZS1 Highpower 271-2X
  Michael S Rolling Thunder 270-2X
  Alexander N Foxhounds SOG 269-3X
  Jaeqon P Middle Mesa Shooters 269-3X
  Mario C TRC Gold 269-2X
  Ray M CCML2 269-0X
  Randy D The Undertakers  268-1X
  Jordan I TRC Red 267-6X
  Dean  B Ogren's Ogres One 267-3X
  Jason H 1-1/2 Welders 267-1X
  Robert O PRGC Snowflakes  266-0X
  Albert R Justice 265-5X
  Nick G Clinic Crew 265-3X
  Billy P Poole, Generation 3 265-2X
  Zoran N Shaolin Sharpshooter 265-1X
  Mark N Retired Guard 265-1X
  Robet O Dynamic Duo 264-2X
  Ken S 1-1/2 Welders 263-1X
  Wesley W TRC Red 262-0X
  Brion F TRC Red  260-7X
  Marty E Shaolin Sharpshooter 260-5X
  Richard  M AZS1 Highpower 260-1X
  Art M 1-1/2 Welders 259-3X
  Mike F The Undertakers  258-2X
  Kevin C Black Dodge Irregulars 257-2X
  Tabathia M AZS1 Highpower 256-2X
  Harrison O Ogren's Ogres One 255-2X
  Alicia N Retired Guard 252-3X
  Marc M Retired Guard 250-0X
  Jacob B Freedom 249-1X
  Jason R CFC 247-1X
  Bill T Ogren's Ogres One 247-1X
  Joe L 1-1/2 Welders 246-1X
  Andy H CCML1 246-0X
  Bob W CCML5 245-0X
  Robert M Scorpion Sidekicks 243-4X
  Alec P Poole, Generation 3 243-2X
  Jeff K CCML3 243-0X
  Philip V Rolling Thunder 243-0X
  Samantha P CCML4 241-1X
  Darrell S Clinic Crew 241-0X
  Noble  H President's Team  239-0X
  Rob H The Undertakers  238-0X
  Loren   President's Team  237-0X
  Nicole M Shaolin Sharpshooter 235-2X
  Covy F Scorpion Sidekicks 229-0X
  Tom W Black Dodge Irregulars 228-0X
  George T Retired Guard 227-1X
  Kinji S CFC 225-2X
  Gregg S Alpha Stud Muffins 221-0X
  Rich M AZS1 Highpower 220-0X
  Lisa S Middle Mesa Shooters 220-0X
  Jesse R Alpha Stud Muffins 219-0X
  Shawn H A&M Highpower 218-2X
  Mark O Ogren's Ogres One 216-1X
  Ed  R Alpha Stud Muffins 214-2X
  Daniel M Rogue One 214-0X
  Jose V In The Wet 213-0X
  Greg G Desert Sharpshooter 212-0X
  Tim A CCML1 211-0X
  Kyle N A&M Highpower 2 210-1X
  J.W. S A&M Highpower 210-0X
  Jared K Foxhounds SOG 208-2X
  Norris H A&M Highpower 2 208-0X
  Bob M Rolling Thunder 207-0X
  McKenna B Freedom 206-1X
  Michael V CCML3 206-0X
  Alex R Orgen Ogres Two  203-3X
  Cameron B A&M Highpower 2 200-1X
  Peter M Dynamic Duo 194-3X
  Tom M Rogue One 194-0X
  Mike K Bad Burritos 190-1X
  David R Rolling Thunder 190-0X
  Brian G Bobak's Burritos 185-0X
  Laurence H Bad Burritos 184-0X
  Art J A&M Highpower 178-0X
  Ryan R Alpha Stud Muffins 177-0X
  Jake B A&M Highpower 2 175-1X
  John G CCML5 175-0X
  Glenn R CCML2 175-0X
  Samuel M Scorpion Sidekicks 165-3X
  Robert G CCML2 165-0X
  Andrea B CFC 160-1X
  Kevin K Black Dodge Irregulars 160-0X
  Scott L President's Team  160-0X
  Matt N CCML1 160-0X
  Robert B CFC 155-1X
  Jason P Poole, Generation 3 152-0X
  Terry A CCML1 151-0X
  Tom W Shaolin Sharpshooter 150-0X
  Landis A CCML3 149-0X
  Chris B Bobak's Burritos 149-0X
  Garret B Orgen Ogres Two  147-0X
  Chris K CCML3 143-0X
  Greg S Bobak's Burritos 140-0X
  McKenley N A&M Highpower 137-1X
  Nikolas H Freedom 136-1X
  Cassie C Black Dodge Irregulars 135-0X
  Bob   President's Team  128-0X
  Roger C Scorpion Sidekicks 127-0X
  Jose V In The Wet 113-0X
  Andy H CCML5 107-0X
  Marty B Orgen Ogres Two  96-1X
  Steve M Freedom 94-1X
  Carson P Bobak's Burritos 92-0X
  Clayton W Orgen Ogres Two  84-0X
  Andrew T In The Wet 46-0X
  Angelita P Poole, Generation 3 42-1X

Team Results:
Place Team Name  Total
1st PRGC Cupcakes 1145.021
2nd TRC Gold 1129.014
3rd TRC Copper  1117.026
4th Liberty 1114.220
5th PRGC Snowflakes  1109.130
6th Justice 1101.012
7 TRC Red 1078.019
8 Desert Sharpshooter 1063.012
9 Clinic Crew 1059.013
10 Middle Mesa Shooters 1056.017
11 The Undertakers 1043.010
12 1-1/2 Welders 1035.006
13 Foxhounds SOG 1022.013
14 AZS1 Highpower 1007.005
15 Retired Guard 994.005
16 Ogren's Ogres One 985.007
17 Bad Burritos 918.005
18 Shaolin Sharpshooter 910.080
19 Rolling Thunder 910.002
20 CCML2 883.000
21 Alpha Stud Muffins 831.002
22 A&M Highpower 2 793.003
23 CFC 787.005
24 Black Dodge Irregulars 780.002
25 CCML5 768.001
26 CCML1 768.000
27 Scorpion Sidekicks 764.007
28 President's Team  764.000
29 A&M Highpower 743.003
30 CCML3 741.000
31 Poole, Generation 3 702.005
32 Freedom 685.004
33 Bobak's Burritos 566.000
34 Orgen Ogres Two  530.004
35 Dynamic Duo (* partial team) *458.005
36 Rogue One 408.000
37 In The Wet 372.000

Note this is ALL the results that were turned in. If your team did not turn in score cards your team and individual shooters are not listed and are presumed to not have shot.

There were 123 AR type rifles. 8 M1 rifles, 8 M1A rifles, one HK, one scout and one Mosin Nagant observed on the line this year!

raffle rifle
Prior year rifle
M1 rifle raffle
Different year rifle raffle winner!

This match is brought to you every year by the Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association ASRPA
it's YOUR state assocation, please join!


I'll keep this text up for a while:
 Washington's Birthday Rifle Match at Ben Avery

(Rifle Raffle tickets are already available online too!)

The weekend includes:
•    Morning Beginner’s Clinic & Afternoon Practice for experienced shooters Saturday & Lunch available.
•    Saturday morning practice or maybe even some special shooting event.
•    Briefing & Announcements Sunday morning.
•    4-relay, 50-shot Main Match Sunday with Lunch & T-shirt Available.
•    Shooter’s Swap meet & Displays all day Sunday
•    The annual fund-raising raffle for an M1 Rifle and other prizes

The Washington’s Birthday Match is held on Sunday at Ben Avery’s High Power Range, 200 yd line. This is the 125th year!  Saturday the day before the match, February 18, experienced High Power coaches and shooters are conducting a “Beginners Clinic” in the activities center followed by some practice time on the range.

Supporters of the Arizona State Junior Rifle Team are cooking hamburgers for lunch both days!!! You can pre-pay for your lunch with your entry!  The profit goes right into sending the team to Camp Perry! We expect to have commemorative T-shirts again this year! $12. You must order your shirt with your entry! (Shirt Deadline:  10-Feb-17)

Other match day events:

Morning Briefing & announcements.

Swap meet! Bring your spare equipment, older shooting gear; reloading supplies you don’t need anymore, whatever… bring a table or some money, we are holding a shooter’s swap meet in a designated area behind the line. (To allow room for food, spectators and swap meet, shooters should plan on parking at the 300 yd line).

Come out and shoot with us! Get a group of friends, co-workers, or hunting buddies together! Wear a team uniform! Wear a classic side-arm (empty chamber)! Maybe try something fun like have the whole team all shoot the same type of antique or unusual military rifle, even dress the team in surplus uniforms appropriate to your exotic rifles!
Below is the match program and entry info. Also below is info on the fund raising raffle to send the State Junior Team to the National Championships and information on Arizona High Power shooting schedules. Check the & websites for updates! Tell your friends! Post this bulletin where other shooters will see it!

See you on February 18 & 19!   Bill Poole  - Match Director
Email the match director:  


subject to change




Sunday 19-Feb-17 (with Beginner’s Clinic & side match on Saturday 18-Feb)

7:30AM start time, competitors should arrive an hour early and plan to stay all day.


Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association – Junior High Power Rifle Team


Bill Poole (Match Dir.) 602-405-0717, 


Ben Avery Shooting Facility, NW corner I-17 & Carefree Hwy, Phoenix, AZ, High Power Range, 200yd line. Enter main entrance, continue past main range, around the berm to High Power Range, park in 300 yd parking lot.


Modified NRA Rules, see below.


All safe shooters with priority to Arizona residents.


Enter online at  not till next year


$TBA per team of 4, $TBA per individual. Individual entries will be squadded as random teams. Beginners’ clinic: $TBA. Side Match: Lunch: $TBA. Pre-ordered T-shirt: $TBA. See signup site for other options.


10-Feb-17. If space is available, late entries accepted on the line with an additional $5 late fee per shooter. No refunds after 10-Feb-17.


75 teams of 4 shooters.


Opening Ceremony & safety announcement at 7:30AM. First shots at 8AM.


NRA Classification System will not be used. (To be defined as a junior team, all four shooters must be juniors).


TEAM AWARDS: Plaques to Winning team. Top junior team

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: Plaques to High Individual Overall. High Competitor in each special category: Woman, Junior, Police/Military, Senior.

Teams or individuals will only win one award in the order above. Lesser awards to be announced.


50-shot National Match Course in a 4-man team match, all fired at 200 yards. 3 sighter shots any position, followed by 10 shots offhand, 10 shots rapid fire sitting on the SR target. 10 shots rapid prone on the SR42 and 20 shots prone slow fire on the MR-52 target. Block time for 2 shooters in each stage morning, break for lunch, repeated in the afternoon for the other 2 team shooters.

No alibis.

Rifles to be pointed at the impact area when loading and closing the bolt.

In rapid fire stages all competitors will start in position. Rifles with detachable magazines will use the NRA loading procedure (magazine on the ground, load when targets appear). Rifles without a detachable magazine will load on command 2 rounds with the bolt closed on an empty chamber (semi-auto) or 5 rounds with the bolt open (bolt action).

Except as noted below, shooters may use a NRA/CMP Service Rifle or any military, military-surplus or military-style rifle in as-issued condition, or as approved by match director. 8mm maximum caliber. Optical sights are permitted on modern semi-auto rifles.

Special note for Shooters classified as SS, EX, MA or HM in any NRA rifle discipline or Distinguished Riflemen: In order to be eligible for individual awards one must use a Service Rifle in compliance with NRA rule 3.1 or CMP rule 6.1 (These rules permit optical sights conforming to a defined set of rules) or they may use "As-issued" rifles per CMP Games rule 4.1. In order for a team to be eligible for team awards all classified/distinguished team members must be in compliance with this paragraph.

No tracer or incendiary ammo permitted.

Each team will provide a target puller and score keeper.


Sunday events include opening ceremony, swap meet, lunch break, awards ceremony and raffle. Competitors are expected to participate.


Saturday will include a beginner’s clinic in the Ben Avery activity center (east of the main public range) at 8AM for half day of classroom (leave your gear in the truck) followed by shooting (bring 35 rounds of ammo) in the afternoon. Shooting practice is available Saturday afternoon.

Some years we hold a Side match on saturday morning, nothing is yet planned.


Match Flyer - print & handout or post where other shooters will see it!

Volunteers needed! Block officers!

Parking & Traffic Routing:
In order to have enough room for moving gear around, eating lunch, making announcements and giving out awards, etc,
we have a traffic routing plan for sunday:
Regular shooters can drive around the FRONT of 200 yd line and unload gear then drive to 300 yd to park.
Those who paid for the premium "President's Package" will be able to park a bit back from 200 near the stat trailer and food area. Volunteers and handicapped and some VIPs will park the other side of the stat/burger area. Cactus Match League has their special place at the end of the line like usual. These groups will have parking passes. Any other vehicle will be towed to 1000 yds and left there.

WBM parking

WBM parking
2016 I am swapping the locations of Premium parking and Swap meet.


Arizona Junior Highpower Rifle Team
The Arizona Junior Highpower Rifle Team is sponsored by the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association and local clubs. The team is open to Arizona youth between the ages of 14 and 20. Team members shoot local matches during the season (Sept - May), practice like crazy June & July, and participate at the National Championship Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in August.  Most equipment including AR-15 rifles, ammunition components and match fees, are provided to team members free of charge.  The Washington’s Birthday Match is a big fund-raiser for the team!  If you know a teenager who is motivated, well-behaved and who would like to join the team, have him or her see the team and their coaches at the match!   

The ASRPA does legislative work, education, training, match sponsorship, Ben Avery partnering and publishes a great little e-newsletter about competition, ranges, shooting and legislation specifically in Arizona. Find out what matches are shot where, what Arizonan is winning championships, read articles about matches, events and shooters in YOUR state! Only $20/yr ($5 juniors). Join NRA, ASRPA, USA Shooting and your local club!

ASRPA Fund-Raising Raffle
an M1 Rifle will be raffled as a fund raiser.
Raffle Rifle Winner will complete a 4473 & NICS Check or CCW.
Proceeds fund the Arizona State Junior Rifle Team to the
National Championships at Camp Perry, OH.
rifle winner
2014 Rifle Raffle Winner

Check out the website for info on competition shooting in AZ!

fees and details subject to change

Bill Poole  - 

Washington's Birthday Match Director

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