the 122st Annual
Washington's Birthday Match & Clinic
Sponsored by the
Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association
Ben Avery Shooting Facility: 22-23-Feb-2014
Match Details Below!

WBM 2013
The 2013 winning team!

This match is brought to you every year by the Arizona Rifle & Pistol Association ASRPA
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It’s that time of the year again!  Washington's Birthday Rifle Match at Ben Avery

Coming in a few days: ONLINE SIGN UP AT:
(Rifle Raffle tickets are already available online, match entry coming soon!)

The weekend includes:
•    Beginner’s Clinic & Practice for experienced shooters Saturday & Lunch available.
•    Saturday morning event TBA
•    Briefing & Announcements Sunday morning.
•    4-relay, 50-shot Main Match Sunday with Lunch & T-shirt Available.
•    Shooter’s Swap meet & Displays all day Sunday
•    The annual fund-raising raffle for an M1 Rifle and other prizes

The Washington’s Birthday Match is held on Sunday at Ben Avery’s High Power Range, 200 yd line. This is the 122st year!  Saturday the day before the match, February 22, experienced High Power coaches and shooters are conducting a “Beginners Clinic” in the activities center followed by some practice time on the range.

Supporters of the Arizona State Junior Rifle Team are cooking hamburgers for lunch both days!!! You can pre-pay for your lunch with your entry!  The profit goes right into sending the team to Camp Perry! We expect to have commemorative T-shirts again this year! $12. You must order your shirt with your entry! (Shirt Deadline: 1-Feb-14)

Other match day events:

Morning Briefing & announcements.

Swap meet! Bring your spare equipment, older shooting gear; reloading supplies you don’t need anymore, whatever… bring a table or some money, we are holding a shooter’s swap meet in a designated area behind the line. (To allow room for food, spectators and swap meet, shooters should plan on parking at the 300 yd line).

Come out and shoot with us! Get a group of friends, co-workers, or hunting buddies together! Wear a team uniform! Wear a classic side-arm (empty chamber)! Maybe try something fun like have the whole team all shoot the same type of antique or unusual military rifle, even dress the team in surplus uniforms appropriate to your exotic rifles!

In memory of the passing of Mikhail Kalashnikov 23-Dec-13, there will be special prize, (Must be 21 to win!) for the top scoring shooter using a Kalashnikov Rifle! (see rules 18 & 25 below).
Mikhail Temofeyevich
Below is the match program and entry info. Also below is info on the fund raising raffle to send the State Junior Team to the National Championships and information on Arizona High Power shooting schedules. Check the & http://www. websites for updates! Tell your friends! Post this bulletin where other shooters will see it!

See you on February 22 & 23!   Bill Poole  - Match Director
Email the match director:  


subject to change

Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association

•    To uphold the century-old tradition of Arizona shooting teams.
•    To provide a match that encourages and fosters new civilian shooters, both Junior and Adults.
•    To conduct the most prestigious High Power Match in Arizona
•    To act as an enhancement of the goals of the CMP program.
2.    LOCATION:  The Ben Avery Shooting Facility High Power Rifle Range, Phoenix, AZ, ½ mile west of the junction of SR 74 (Carefree Highway) and I-17 (Exit 223). Park at 300 yd line.
3.    FIRING TIME: Firing commences at 0800 hours. (Be on the line by 0700).
4.    TEAM CAPTAINS: A Team Captain (TC) must be designated for each team and may be a firing member. Team Captains report upon arrival for firing point assignments. Team Captains should study this program and the NRA High Power Rifle Rules prior to reporting. It shall be the TC’ s responsibility to assure that all equipment used by his/her team meets the spirit and intent of the match and that team members comply with the rules.
5.    RULES: Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules, except as noted in this program.
6.    ELIGIBILITY: Only Arizona residents are eligible for awards. Non-residents may participate for bragging rights if space is available.
7.    CLASSIFICATIONS: NRA High Power Rifle Classifications will NOT BE USED. (EX, MA, HM and Distinguished Riflemen using optical sights (or their teams) not eligible for awards)
8.    TEAM COMPOSITION: Each team consists of four firing members. Partial teams and individual entries are squadded together by the match registrar to fill the team to 4 shooters. All 4 team members’ scores are summed to the team score. Teams of fewer than 4 shooters are allowed to participate but may be assigned additional shooters.
9.    TEAM CATAGORIES: Team categories are determined by the status of the four firing members. However, for individual awards, each shooter keeps his/her own category.
A.    Adult – Not a junior team
B.    Junior – ALL FOUR shooters will be junior per NRA definition.
10.    INDIVIDUAL CATEGORIES: Civilian, Junior, Woman, Senior, Police or Service. An individual can win an award in only one category. Other awards to be announced
11.    ENTRIES: Teams of 4 or individuals should submit an entry at
 Fees of teams unable to attend can be donated to the junior team or will be refunded in full upon request, providing cancellation is made prior to February 10, 2014. NO REFUNDS AFTER 10-Feb-14! Squadding of Individual entries will be at random.
12.    ENTRIES CLOSE: Entries CLOSE at 1700 hours, February 18, 2014. Late entries may be accepted after that date only to fill vacancies. Late entries to fill open spots only, may be charged a $20 late fee.
13.    ENTRY LIMIT:  Entries are limited to 75 teams, (300 individuals).
14.    FEES: Entry fees are $100.00 per Adult team, $50.00 per Junior team of 4. See website for options
15.    SQUADDING: Firing point assignments are posted at the range on the day of the match.
16.    TARGET SERVICE: Each team must provide a target puller (may be a firing team member). Pullers are to report to the pits AFTER the opening ceremony and announcements. There is one pit-change (schedule posted and announced prior to firing) so a firing member of the team can be assigned to pull targets during the alternate relay. Teams may bring a volunteer or hired target puller. Target puller MUST be experienced at pulling targets or have attended the clinic the day before. Pullers reporting to the Pits must identify themselves as to the team and target number they represent. The Pit Officer has the authority to change target assignments. Any team not performing satisfactory target service will be disqualified.
17.    SCORING: Teams must provide a scorer for another team as assigned (may be a firing team member). Team Captains are responsible for verifying the entry of scores and correctness of totals.
18.    RIFLES:  (8mm or less centerfire):
•    US service rifle (AR-15, M14/M1A, M1 per NRA/CMP service rifle rules)
•    Vintage Military Bolt Rifle (Springfield, Mauser, Enfield, Mosin-Nagant etc in as-issued C&R condition)
•    John C Garand (M1 rifle or M1 Carbine per CMP rules)
•    Foreign SA (Semi-Auto Service Rifle SKS, AK, HK, FAL etc in as-issued condition) Note: There will be a special award for top scoring shooter using a Kalashnikov rifle.
•    US SA (M1A, SCAR, AR-10 or M4-gery action shooting or tactical weight and style semi-auto carbine/rifle, OPTICS permitted!) (no “space gun” match rifles)
•    Other Rifles may be approved by match director.
19.    SHOOTING EQUIPMENT: NRA/CMP service rifle slings, gloves, coats, mats and equipment may be used, except optics categories may not use shooting coats and gloves, only street, military, tactical or hunting clothing must be worn. No sandbags or bipods.
20.    AMMUNITION: Competitors must supply their own safe ammo. No tracer or incendiary permitted. Point rifle at the impact area when loading and closing the bolt.
21.    SIGHTING SHOTS: Each team member may fire three (optional) sighter shots, in any position, as part of the standing stage.
22.    COURSE OF FIRE: National Match Course, 50-shot, all firing at 200 yards on the appropriate reduced targets. 10-shots standing, 10 sitting/kneeling rapid, 10 prone rapid, and 20 prone slow fire. Shooters start in position in rapid fire. CMP loading procedure but shooters will remain in and start from position, do NOT stand.
23.    ALIBIS: There are NO alibis or re-fires, except for range alibis (per NRA Rules).
24.    TEAM AWARDS: The winning team will win an award, the top junior team will win an award. Lesser awards, if any, to be announced.
25.    INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: High Individual in the match and High Competitor in each category may win ONE Individual Award. Special award for top scoring shooter using a Kalashnikov rifle does not count as an individual award for the purpose of this section - (Winner of the Kalashnikov Memorial must be 21 years of age or old to receive or handle the prize. If the winner is under age, the prize will be live auctioned then and there with half the proceeds going to the winner and half to the Junior team, auction winner must also be 21 or older.)
26.    RESULTS BULLETIN:  NO Results Bulletin will be mailed. Results will be posted on the web if possible.

OPENING ANNOUNCEMENTS: Safety briefing and other announcements will precede the match.

SWAP MEET: Open to all participants, any appropriate shooting related items. All laws to be obeyed. It is recommended that valuables not be left unattended. Competitors should do their buying and selling to before and after the match and lunch break.

PARKING: Parking at 300 yd line to allow room for spectators, swap meet, awards ceremonies. Unloading/loading or limited parking at 200 yds by prior arrangement.

AWARD CEREMONY & RAFFLE: All shooters are strongly encouraged to stay for the entire duration of the event. To cheer the award and raffle winners. Shooting awards & minor raffle prizes must be present to win. M1 Rifle Raffle prize need not be present to win, but a $20 delivery penalty charge will be imposed if the winner is present but leaves early.

ENTRIES: Entries accepted at starting Jan-2014. Priority on entries given to named team entries of 4 named shooters, paid in full, with email contact for the team captain. Teams are encouraged to pre-order shirts and lunches with their entry. Two or more teams applying together with all fees may be squadded together if practical. Partial  team and individual entries will be squadded into random groupings for teams. If no email address is provided for contact, no confirmation of entry will be provided or guaranteed.

Shooters are strongly encouraged to form teams of special interest, such as their home club, forum group, a specific rifle type, employee clubs etc.

SIDE MATCH: There is a side-match on the morning (8AM set up) of Saturday, 22-February-14. Details TBA. Prior entry not required. Less than 50 rounds needed. $20 fee.

BEGINNERS CLINIC: There is a Beginners Clinic on Saturday, 22-February-14. The classroom instruction phase is held in the Activity Center at Ben Avery Shooting Facility starting at 8:00 AM. The clinic is conducted by a volunteer group of Arizona High Power Coaches and Shooters . Among the clinic instructors are several NRA appointed coaches, Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge holders, Master Class high power rifle shooters, and member of the Arizona State High Power Rifle Team.
a.    TOPICS COVERED: Safety, match procedure and range commands, sight alignment, trigger control, shooting positions, use of the sling and equipment, etc.
b.    FIRING PRACTICE (BEGINNERS):  Firing practice for beginners is the 2nd part of the beginner’s clinic. Shooting at the 200 yd line of the High Power Range immediately following the classroom session. Approximately 40 shots will be fired. 200yd target.
c.    CLINIC/PRACTICE FEE: The clinic fee is $25 for adults and $10 for juniors. This covers both the classroom and range sessions.
d.    OPEN: The clinic is open to everyone, with priority given to Juniors and non-classified shooters who intend to shoot the Match on Sunday.
e.    TARGET PULLER TRAINING: New paid/volunteer target pullers planning to work Sunday should participate in the pits during sessions Saturday in order to gain experience.

FIRING PRACTICE FOR EXPERIENCED SHOOTERS: Firing practice session during the Saturday afternoon firing session of clinic. $10 fee, payable at the range.

Lunch available behind the firing line during the break, order your lunch & raffle tickets with your entry.


Match Flyer - print & handout or post where other shooters will see it!

Volunteers needed! Block officers!

Parking & Traffic Routing:
In order to have enough room for moving gear around, eating lunch, making announcements and giving out awards, etc,
we have a traffic routing plan for sunday:
Regular shooters can drive around the FRONT of 200 yd line and unload gear then drive to 300 yd to park.
Those who paid for the premium "President's Package" will be able to park a bit back from 200 near the stat trailer and food area. Volunteers and handicapped and some VIPs will park the other side of the stat/burger area. Cactus Match League has their special place at the end of the line like usual. These groups will have parking passes. Any other vehicle will be towed to 1000 yds and left there.

WBM parking

WBM parking


Arizona Junior Highpower Rifle Team
The Arizona Junior Highpower Rifle Team is sponsored by the Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association and local clubs. The team is open to Arizona youth between the ages of 14 and 20. Team members shoot local matches during the season (Sept - May), practice like crazy June & July, and participate at the National Championship Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in August.  Most equipment including AR-15 rifles, ammunition components and match fees, are provided to team members free of charge.  The Washington’s Birthday Match is a big fund-raiser for the team!  If you know a teenager who is motivated, well-behaved and who would like to join the team, have him or her see the team and their coaches at the match!   


The ASRPA does legislative work, education, training, match sponsorship, Ben Avery partnering and publishes a great little e-newsletter about competition, ranges, shooting and legislation specifically in Arizona. Find out what matches are shot where, what Arizonan is winning championships, read articles about matches, events and shooters in YOUR state! Only $20/yr ($5 juniors). Join NRA, ASRPA, USA Shooting and your local club!

ASRPA Fund-Raising Raffle
Proceeds fund the Arizona State Junior Rifle Team to the
National Championships at Camp Perry, OH.
raffle winner
The 2013 Raffle "Winner" was Jeff C.

Starting in 2014, Raffle Rifle Winner will complete a 4473 & NICS Check or CCW.


Check out the website for info on competition shooting in AZ!


fees and details subject to change

Bill Poole  - 

Washington's Birthday Match Director
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